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SFNH Series Ball Screw Made in China for CNC machine

Ball screw is the most commonly used transmission element in tool machinery and precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or convert torque into axial repetitive force. It also has high precision, reversibility and high Features of efficiency. Because of its small frictional resistance, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

The ball screw is composed of a screw, a nut, a steel ball, a pre-compression piece, a reverser, and a dustproof device. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, which is a further extension and development of Akem screw. The important meaning of this development is to change the bearing from sliding motion to rolling motion.



Ultra-high DN value ball screw: high-speed machine tool, high-speed integrated machining center machine

End cap type ball screw: fast handling system, general industrial machinery, automated machinery

High-speed ball screws: CNC machinery, precision machine tools, industrial machinery, electronic machinery, high-speed machinery

Precision ground ball screws: CNC machinery, precision machine tools, industrial machinery, electronic machinery, conveying machinery, aerospace industry, actuators used in other antennas, valve switch devices, etc.

Rotary nut (R1) series ball screws: semiconductor machinery, industrial robots, woodworking machines, laser processing machines, conveying devices, etc.

Rolling grade ball screw: the advantages of low friction, smooth operation, fast delivery and low price

Heavy-duty ball screws: all-electric injection molding machines, presses, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, heavy-duty brakes, industrial machinery, forging machinery

In order to adapt to various purposes, ball screw bearings provide a wide range of standardized products. Widely used in machine tools, the ball circulation methods include circulating duct type, circulator type and end cap type. Preloading methods include positioning preloading (double nut method, position preloading method) and constant pressure preloading. The appropriate type can be selected according to the purpose. The screw has high-precision grinding precision ball screw (precision is divided into 6 grades from CO-C7) and cold-rolled ball screw bearing formed by high-precision cold rolling (precision is divided into 3 from C7-C10) Levels). In addition, in order to cope with the urgent need for delivery by users, there are finished products that have been processed on the end of the shaft, semi-finished products and cold-rolled ball screw bearings that can be freely processed on the end of the shaft. As the peripheral parts of this bearing, the screw support unit, nut support, lock nut, etc. necessary for use have also been standardized and can be used by users.

Ball screw bearings are based on product technology accumulated over the years. From materials, heat treatment, manufacturing, inspection to shipment, they are managed by a rigorous quality assurance system, so they have high reliability.


1. Low friction loss and high transmission efficiency [4]

Since there are many balls in the rolling motion between the screw shaft and the screw nut of the ball screw pair, higher motion efficiency can be obtained. Compared with the previous sliding screw pair, the driving torque is less than 1/3, that is, the power required to achieve the same motion result is 1/3 of the sliding screw pair. Very helpful in power saving.

2. High precision

Ball screws are generally produced continuously with the world’s highest level of machinery and equipment. Especially in the factory environment of grinding, assembly, and inspection, the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled. Due to the perfect quality management system The accuracy is fully guaranteed.

3. High-speed feed and micro feed are possible

Because the ball screw pair uses ball motion, the starting torque is extremely small, and there will be no crawling phenomenon like sliding motion, which can ensure the realization of accurate micro feed.

4. High axial rigidity

The ball screw pair can be preloaded. Because the preload can make the axial gap reach a negative value, and then obtain higher rigidity (in the ball screw, pressure is applied to the balls. When actually used in mechanical devices, due to The repulsive force of the balls can increase the rigidity of the nut).

5. It cannot be self-locked and has the reversibility of transmission


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