Single-Axis Robot

Single-Axis Robot

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KK series Single-Axis Robot

The KK single-axis robot is driven by a ballscrew while a guideway slides on an optimized U-rail to achieve higher accuracy and greater stiffness.


1.An integrated system

2.Easy installation and maintenance

3.Compact and lightweight

4.High accuracy

5.High stiffness

6.Complete line of accessories

The KK Single Axis Robot features a slider actuated by a motor-driven ballscrew and guided by a linear guideway with a U-shape rail. The slider acts as the ballscrew’s nut and the guideway’s block.

FON Corporation’s single axis robots utilize a combination of a motor driven ballscrew or belt and linear guideway system. These compact and lightweight units are customizable and can be easily transformed into a multi-axis system, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Depending on the application needs, FON offers a single axis robot that will increase a systems productivity and efficiency.

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